City of Los Angeles Garvanza Park Rainwater Capture and Use

Garvanza Park was retrofitted to enhance the water quality of runoff from an 85-acre watershed. This project involved the design and construction of a drainage system to reroute urban and stormwater runoff from an existing 48-inch reinforced concrete storm drain pipe into a pretreatment Best Management Practice (BMP) system consisting of a hydrodynamic separator and settling basin, and two subsurface detention-infiltration galleries for onsite infiltration and landscape irrigation use. This award-winning project provides many important benefits to the drought-stricken region, including: water conservation; stormwater management technology advancement; compliance with State and Federal laws, regulations, and policies; retention, treatment, infiltration, and use of up to one-million gallons of runoff per storm event; and an approximately 90% annual pollutant reduction for the affected area. CWE provided overall project management, civil design, and construction management for this project.